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Best Boy Grip Album CD

  • Best Boy Grip  Album CD
Eoin O’Callaghan is the man and the voice behind ‘Best Boy Grip’. He is a talented songwriter who hails from Derry, N.Ireland.
'Talking of startling and outstanding, here is a track that I promise you, if Joni Mitchell released it as her next single it would be hailed by Rolling stone and Pitchfork as major return to form. This is the extraordinary N. Ireland artist known as Best Boy Grip...An absolutely stunning, genuinely exceptional songwriter' - BBC 6 Music, Tom Robinson
1. Can't Buy Love, Son
2. Barbara
3. Sharks
4. Monster and Me
5. Weird Fingers
6. Billy
7. Aim
8. Runaway
9. Cops
10. Bye Bye Mister
11. Covert




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